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creppy driver..eww and when can I report him to the cops?

So I take two buses home from work. One from the Health science campus (where I work for medical students-- I'm not a medical student but i work in a doctors office) to the main campus (where I go to school) and then another one to my apt. Both buses are run by my school so it's free. On the tram A bus (from the main campus to my apt. bus stop) the bus driver whose in his mid 50's or so hit on me. EWWW

He started making small talk with me, and Jessica, this is why I should not be so nice to people:

1. He said oh your pretty can I have your number to call you sometime. Gross, Ewww, creepy, and I guess some people have no shame to hit on people that are young enough to be their daughters. EWWW

2. He asked for my number not once, not twice, but shamefully 5 times. EWWW Unfortunately the bus was crowded so I couldn't move away because their was no where to move so i was stuck till my bus stop came. I told the bus drive I don't give out my number to people and school is so expensive that I only go to school to study. That was blunt right?

3. The creepy bus driver hit on me yesterday. Today I moved directly to the back of the bus and put headphones on to avoid him. Creepy Bus driver started looking at me and checking me out in the rear view mirror of the bus. Gross. Then He said AS I AM WALKING OFF THE BUS WITH
HEADPHONES ON: "so were not taking now?" I never talked to him in the first place.

4. So when can I tell the campus cops about the bus driver. I got his name, ethnicity and I can describe what he looks like. A middle aged African American creepy old guy, whose bold.

5. Any tips. I literally freaked out yesterday and complained to my roommates (who were unhelpful). This is why I don't think I will ever make small talk with any bus driver again.

Yes, I am still grossed out by the creepy bus driver if you can't figure that out.


All bus drivers should have a number on their uniform somewhere (usually on the sleeve) and the bus should have a number clearly displayed inside. Once you have both, you may report it to either the MTA or campus authorities if this is an internally run bus.

Good luck, let me know how it works out.